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Today: business and technology writer and blogger

I ghost-write and optimize thought-leader pieces for these IBM blogs.

Thoughts on Cloud
Big Data and Analytics Hub

Here are a few of my favorite posts.

Previously my work was published on the IBM Cloud stories channel on Medium.com. Some of my posts are about Twilio, WayBlazer, The Poseidon Project, and AOL.

I've also got some bylined blog posts on IBM sites. Click here to see which ones I've authored.

Additionally, through volunteer and other work, I develop content for three other blogs.

In the past

digital / Compaq inform Magazine

I ghost wrote articles for this magazine on an ongoing basis. Ultimately I had my own byline: a regular article called "Behind the Firewall," which was an inside look at the people of Compaq and featured employees who had interesting hobbies, such as running Ultra Marathons, working with Canine Search and Rescue, or writing books / playing in a rock band.

Carat Freeman Consulting Brochure

Compaq & Oracle Datasheet

eStudioLIVE! Brochure

eXtreme Networks Case Study

Marathon Technologies Brochure

Marathon Technologies Direct Mail Piece

Open Market & Hewlett Packard Partner Brief

Compaq & IDX Solution Brief

Ariba & Hewlett Packard Sales Summary

Akamai Datasheet