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Hi! I write and project manage business communications. collaborating across departments within global organizations to manage review and approval cycles to turn out compelling finished products. I'm also a published author and blogger.

When I first started writing professionally, I wrote articles for a technology magazine, then datasheets, then customer testimonials. I wrote direct mail pieces and brochures. (Click on the samples tab to see them.) Once I wrote a software implementation manual.

I took a detour and went into sales for a little while, and then returned to marketing and marketing communications after a couple of years. Being in sales helped me to write effective content for sales-enablement, which is certainly one of the top goals of the marketing discipline (in my opinion, anyway).

Today, one of my specialties is developing SEO blog posts and ghost-writing executive thought leadership pieces. Here's an example.

I enjoy writing from a human-interest perspective. It's not so much about the features and functions of the technology, but what it can do for people: how it can shake up and industry or even change the world.

Here's an older story that I wanted to share, just because I enjoyed interviewing the client so much!

Orenda is the public relations brain that never sleeps
This is a blog post about artificial intelligence software that quantifies social data by measuring, categorizing, and interpreting it according to established methodologies used in the P.R. discipline.

Most of my current blog content appears on IBM Cloud blog, Thoughts on Cloud, and Big Data and Analytics Hub.